Saturday, November 12, 2016

Farm to Table--Vanngi Baath, Eggplant Rice

Finally I made this Maharshtrian specialty, Vanngi Baath or Eggplant rice. The sight of fresh eggplants hanging delicately on plants propelled me to think beyond regular Aloo Baingan. I had long back purchased a Vanngi Baath masala powder also. 

The rice came out very flavorful, easy to put together and I added a new way to consume eggplant in my repertoire.

I mostly followed the recipe from here except that I omitted cashews and did not make fresh masala. Instead used the store bought. I had bough Navdarshnam Vaangi Mix from Naamdharis here in Bangalore.

Method is pretty simple. I took  1 Cup Basmati Rice. Soaked it. Meanwhile chopped the brinjal in small pieces. Took approximatelt 6 small ones.Make sure you put cut brinjal in water otherwise they will soon turn black. 

Now cook the rice. I always cook my rice in salted water.And in separate pan take abut 2 tsp oil. Put the chopped brinjals amd start sauteing. Mid way add salt to taste and 1 tsp turmeric. In abput 10 mins with  constant stirring these eggplants would be ready.  Take them out and in same pan take about 1 tbsp oil. Add cumin, curry leaf and chopped onion. Saute it. Meanwhile Rice will be ready. Once the onion is soft add cooked eggplant and 2 tbsp of Vaangi masala mix. Mine was spicy and in other brands it might differ. So adjust accordingly. Give a good stir. Now add cooked rice. Gently mix everything. Serve it with Raita !!

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