Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Baked Penne with Roasted Vegetables

Its more than a year since last post. So much so has happened. Have been thinking of coming back and posting but obviously it never happened. I think too much deliberation and perfection kills enjoyment and impulsiveness of action. So today without thinking much I am writing this post with the hopes that I will be regular here.

On the same lines without expecting too much perfection, I mean a recipe with gorgeous picture and measurements so that even beginners can reproduce the dish I will be doing quick posts. Mostly about whatever I made for dinner or lunch with short and easy instructions.Also I use to think that trying recipes from other blogs and blogging about them is lame. But now if I feel that if my attempt whether good or bad is worthy of few words and picture it will find it way here. As I said no more pursuit of perfection. I will blog for fun and sharing.

At times I have found that every evening when I am battling with the question what to cook, I wonder I have been answering this question for almost everyday since marriage, so why am I not pro by now. Keeping that in mind I would try to chronicle what am I cooking everyday so that I can comeback in future and have my choice.

Today I made what I must have thought of cooking of if not 100 time but definitely 20 times. So am really happy that finally I gave it a try and it turned great. Like so many of you Food network is part of my daily routine. It's going on in backdrop when I am busy with my daughter, or trying to finish up some really boring assignment.

Baked Penne with roasted Vegetable comes from one of Everyday Italian by Giada Laurentiis that was all about vegetarian dishes. Vegetarian food rarely makes it appearance on Food Network shows. This recipe is so simple and delicious that I am going to make it more often. It is also good to include wholesome goodness of vegetables in diet.

I omitted Fontina cheese and mozzarella, using only Parmesan. As such me and my husband use cheese in moderation or should I say minimalism. I am not a mushroom fan either so they have to also go.

Simply put you pick vegetables of your choice like carrots, zucchini, squash, green bell pepper, red bell pepper, onion, peas. Slice them to same size and drizzle with olive oil . Add salt, black pepper, italion seasoning blend(I used dried oregano and basil as well) and spread them on line cookie sheet. Bake in oven .

Vegetables ready to go in oven

After roasted in oven

I ate quite a bit of veggies soon after they were roasted. They looked gorgeous and tasted yummy.

While vegetables are roasting, cook the pasta. Finally, eake a baking dish, butter it, add marinara sauce, pasta and vegetables , Parmesan chesse, mix it nicely, add some cheese on top and put it back in oven . For detailed recipe please see Baked Penne with roasted Vegetable .

Baked Penne with Roasted vegetables
Looks great, tastes great. Will make good party food as well as for potlucks.