Friday, December 26, 2008

Fruit Cake - Christmas 08

It's that time of the year again!! Festivities are all around. Lights, Christmas decorations, baked goodies at shops, gifts, not to mention huge discounts on stores all speak of holidays.

Finally after deliberating for long I decided to bake fruit cake to do my bit for Christmas festivities. I used to love eating fruit cake in India, and always wondered if I can bake one. I am new at baking but after searching internet for recipes I finally decided to go by the one of Mishmash. Baked it on Christmas day itself so will wait for couple days as mentioned in recipe to savor the right taste. but still i could not resist the temptation to taste so tasted it and then wrapped to store. I like it even now so I guess after 5 days I am for a treat.

Fruit cake is little more work then many other cakes but its worth it. I followed the recipe to tee except one thing. I did not use rum to soak the fruits and nuts. I soaked them in wine.

Cake is not dense as most fruit cake are. Its light and little crumbly.Thanks Mishmash for the wonderful recipe.

Picture of Disneyland we visited on Christmas in 2007. It's magical there!!