Saturday, November 3, 2012

Lazy saturday & Bread Pizza

For a while I have been thinking to do a daily post of simply what we ate in whole day. NaBloPoMo is a good opportunity for that. Yesterday was Karwachauth. It's a Indian festival where married woman keep fast for their husbands long life. It's hard for me to understand the connection between woman's fast and husbands long life but this is one of festivals so wide and popular that most woman in my opinion do not care about the connection. Anyways, after a long day of fast it was bit lazy  start to Saturday. P was out before even I got up. So gave  A breakfast of cereal and R some grated banana with milk. When P came back I quickly fixed this bread pizza.  I love my toaster oven.  It is so handy.

Bread Pizza can have many variations. Here I diced some Red and green bell pepper, onion, tomato. Mixed them and added some red pepper flakes and salt. Brushed the bread slice with some jarred marinara, topped it with vegetable mixture and sprinkled some grated cheese. Baked in my toaster oven for 10 minutes  at 400C and broiled in last 2 minutes.

As for cheese I like Kraft shredded mozzarella with Philadelphia cream cheese . Easy to melt and creamy this cheese is very handy to fix something for my picky toddler. Back in India my mother in law makes it with paneer and my husband loves that version. She mixes crumbled paneer with all the veggies and add it on top of buttered slices of bread before baking them.

So after this , lunch got little late. I just made some rice to go along with leftover Chhole from previous night. As for dinner  again there were some subji's from earlier in week. So I made hot chapatis to go along with them. So this day was for most part  no major cooking day which I really liked. R had some khichdi in afternoon and  roasted semolina with milk in dinner.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Since my introduction to Halloween (2006, when I moved to United States from India) I have been wanting to carve a pumpkin. But till last year Halloween came and went by for us without much fanfare.  Now with three year old around it took different dimension. It's fun dressing them, taking them to farm for pumpkin picking and finally carving one to make use of those pumpkins. Since I was doing for first time I wanted a simple design and definitely not scary. I am planning to use it for my Diwali decoration. So I started carving with just the kitchen knives,  soup ladle, ice cream scoop and got  very satisfying results. I would have to say it is  not at all difficult though little hand twisting and  messy