Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Corn Capsicum Fried Rice

I had some leftover zeera pulao . Also some lonely corn that I boiled for lunch but did not eat and a half cut capsicum  stored after using other half for pav bhaji a day earlier. So I decided put three together to tango.

Take around 1.5 tbsp sesame oil. Add 1 tsp each of ginger and garlic paste. I make paste for couple of days together and store in refrigerator. Fresh paste makes a huge difference in flavor. Next add dice capsicum, onion and boiled corn sliced off from the cob. I boil corn by splitting in half , put in pressure cooker with 1/4 cup water and take 2 whistles.

Saute the vegetables on med high flame for couple of minutes next add some salt and some kind of chilli saue. Today I added schezwan sauce. Add about 2 cups of boiled/leftover rice. Mix well serve hot. Tasted pretty good.

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